the process

step one: let's grab coffee

Matlock and Kelly Brides are unique and we work VERY hard to find them! We serve a very specific type of bride who wants to not only plan the wedding of her dreams, but also plan for a long lasting marriage. She realizes that in order to get the joyful and genuine photos of her and her new groom, that she doesn't just need pretty photos... she needs a one of a kind experience! We also know that choosing a photographer is a big decision. This is why the first step is to meet up with us for a coffee double date, where we show you what a wedding day experience with us is like and to see if we'd be a good fit!

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the process

step two: reserve your date

Once we find out we jive really well together, it's time to make it official and reserve your date! When you first inquire with us, we'll tell you whether or not your date is available... but if you've made it to step two then obviously it is available - yay!! We do require a 50% retainer and a signed contract in order for your date to be reserved. We book dates on a first come first serve basis, and since we take on a limited number of weddings each year, we always recommend to reserve your date as soon as you can. Once this step is complete, the fun begins!!

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the process

step three: the bridal guide

Once your date is reserved, we take our 50-page bridal guide and pack it all up with a cute ribbon and card to match in our custom mailing boxes, and send it to you. This guide is packed with engagement session and wedding planning tips, and by the end of it you'll feel fully prepared for your engagement session and understand how to make sure your wedding day goes as smooth as possible. This guide also gives you the opportunity to see our work in real life and get an idea of where you'd like your engagement photos to take place!

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the process

step four: engagement session

This is one of our favorite parts of working with you! This is the time you get to see for yourself what the Matlock and Kelly Experience is all about! You'll learn the main poses we use and get comfortable in front of our cameras so when your wedding day comes, you're 100% comfortable and know what to expect when it comes to your photos. Our bridal guide really comes in handy in choosing what to wear, the location, and picking out which details to bring.

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the process

step five: the questionnaire

The big day is almost here!! This is so exciting and we seriously can't wait to see you two again and capture the entire day. In order for us to have all the information we need to give you the best experience possible, we send you an online questionnaire to fill out about a month before your wedding. It only takes about 10-15 minutes to fill out and will make your entire day go super smooth!

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the process

step six: the wedding

The day is FINALLY here!! You get to marry your best friend with the love and support of all your friends and family! At this point, we've created a custom timeline for you that we'll all follow to ensure the day runs smoothly. During your wedding, it's time for you to relax and enjoy the day you've planned so long for. We'll be rooting for you two as you transition into this new season of your life and we're completely honored to be there by your side!

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the process

step seven: blog post + gallery

Within one week after your wedding, we'll post our most favorite images of the day on our blog. We'll send you the link as soon as it goes live so you can share with family and friends! Within 30 days after your wedding, we'll send you the full online gallery of images!! This is the perfect time to sit on the couch with your (new) hubby, pop open a bottle of wine and re-live the best day ever as you scroll through your images!

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the process

step eight: heirloom albums

Another one of our favorite moments on this amazing journey with you is creating and designing your heirloom wedding album. We are firm believers that your wedding images deserve a home. There's something magical about seeing your images in real life and feeling the thick, luxurious pages as you flip through your hand-crafted leather album. Technology isn't always reliable, but a wedding album can last lifetimes and be past down from generation to generation, making your legacy live on. If you chose a package that includes an album, we'll start discussing the various options with you after your full gallery is delivered. If you chose a package that didn't include an album, but want to add on an album, just email us and we'll share all your options!

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The Reviews

from allie & dan

"They are so professional and truly fun to work with!"

Matlock and Kelly photographed our wedding and they did an absolutely amazing job! We were thrilled with how the pictures turned out! They are so professional and truly FUN to work with! I highly recommend them.

The Reviews

from juliet & Shannon

"I will need to buy a bigger house because my walls will be covered in pictures!!"

Matlock and Kelly were wonderful!!! They were both such sweethearts and took great care of us at our wedding!! They captured our special day beautifully. I will need to buy a bigger house because my walls will be covered in pictures!! I really appreciated how organized they were... they remained calm and cheerful and very eager to help and make it perfect for us :)

The Reviews

from Katherine & Michael

"I am in love with our photos!!"

Matlock and Kelly are amazing at what they do. They made us feel comfortable and delivered our full gallery really fast! I am in love with our photos and I've already printed out a bunch to hang in our home! I highly recommend them!

The Reviews

from becca & winston

"Never have I felt so relaxed and comfortable at a photoshoot"

I'm so beyond excited with how our engagement pictures turned out. I had so much fun! Never have I felt so relaxed and comfortable at a photoshoot. I will definitely be using Matlock and Kelly again in the future!

our couples love experiences, a classic and timeless style, and are excited to marry their best friend!


We are completely honored to capture this season of their life and celebrate along side them!

the investment

We truly believe that we can impact marriages with the talent we have. With Matlock's sense of humor and Kelly's eye for details and posing, we make a powerful team that results in stunning, clean and timeless images that will last lifetimes. We have created intentional packages that will create the best experience and provide you with the best service possible.

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