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June 9, 2020


Kelly McKinnis


Tips for Brides

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6 Things Brides Forget On Their Wedding Day

We are incredibly blessed to have clients that aren’t just clients… they’re friends!

We love that we can build a relationship with each one of our couples, which allows us to get more creative with their engagement and wedding images.

And I truly believe that it’s because of these friendships that we build with them that make it possible for us to get the gorgeous images that we do. Because we’re able to get to know them as a couple, and their story, which allows us to capture their day so well. I really don’t think that would be possible if they didn’t get to know us beforehand!

I also know that there are a LOT of parts to planning a wedding, which means some things can get forgotten about on accident. So, with that said, I wanted to share the top 6 things most brides tend to forget on their wedding day!

1. Bouquets, boutonnières and extra florals needs to be delivered to YOU.

This is #1 because I think it is SO important. Florals are a big part of your day and when we can capture them as part of your details, it helps us tell the story of your more seamlessly and helps the images in your wedding album flow really well.

Make sure to tell your florist to bring all bouquets, boutonnières and some extra florals (if possible) to where you’re getting ready. This way we can capture your bouquet, the bouts and use the extra florals in your details to pull everything together.

PS: For all of our #MKBrides, while you should still ask your florist to do this, we’ll actually go ahead and contact them as well (since you’ll have given us their information in the pre-wedding questionnaire we send you) to make sure the florals arrive to you!

Bella Belle wedding shoes and Fern and Curls florals

2. Bring heel stoppers for your portraits!

Sometimes we need to step onto the grass for those dreamy portraits you desire! But, we know most brides love to wear heels on their wedding day (I don’t blame ya!) So, make sure to bring a pair of heel stoppers so that your heels don’t sink into the grass while we take your portraits! You can purchase a bunch on Amazon for about $10 – and if you have extras, you can give some to your bridesmaids too!

3. Ask your makeup artist for a travel-sized version of your lipstick or lipgloss

This is something you don’t really think about while you’re getting ready, but your lipstick will probably start to wear off at some point during the day! Most makeup artists can give you a small sample size of your exact lipstick so you can touch it up throughout the day and night – this is especially important during your husband and wife portraits during sunset! We want to make sure you’re looking perfect!

4 Pro Tips for Flawless Wedding Hair and Makeup

4. Try your wedding shoes on during your first fitting!

Okay, this one is done before the wedding, but I think it’s important enough to include! The last thing you want is for your wedding dress to be too short on your wedding day! I always recommend to wear the shoes you plan to wear on your wedding day (or shoes of the same height) so that your seamstress can correctly hem your dress. Another tip is to wear your shoes around the house a few times to break them in – it really sucks to be in pain during your wedding day!

5. Don’t forget to drink water and eat!

I know that this will be the thing I struggle with most on our wedding day haha! I already don’t drink enough water as it is. But, this is really important. Matlock and I have learned that going 5-7 hours straight without water or food until the reception is not a fun experience. Make sure you eat and drink plenty of water while you’re getting ready, especially if it’s going to be hot out! Liquid IV is a great option if you want to get hydrated quickly and stay hydrated throughout the day. We’ve seen bridal party members feel faint from not drinking or eating enough during the day, so make sure everyone does the same 🙂

6. Little imperfections won’t show on camera

Let us be the first to tell you not to go crazy over the little imperfections! If your dress has a little dirt on it, trust us, it won’t show in your portraits 😉 Even if your new hubby is a little hot from the weather, it won’t show up in your images. So, don’t sweat it (pun intended hehe) and ENJOY your wedding day!! That’s THE most important thing and one of our goals is for you to be able to relax and truly enjoy one of the best days of your lives!

Cypress Grove Estate Wedding

We hope these tips were helpful! Feel free to comment below any tips you’d want to add. Until next time!

Matlock and Kelly

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