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July 9, 2020


Kelly McKinnis


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4 Reasons You Should Wear a Long Veil on Your Wedding Day

We always feel really lucky when our brides trust us enough to ask us for our recommendations, especially when it comes to veils!

Something that seems so simple ends up being so EPIC when photographed, so it’s really no wonder why we always recommend brides choose a long veil!

Not only are long veils more modern (in my opinion) than shorter ones, but they allow us to get gorgeous, Instagram-worthy photos that will make all of your friends and families go, “WOW!!”

So, in case you need more convincing, here are 4 reasons why a chapel or cathedral length veil is a must!

1. We can get the perfect veil flip!

Matlock is a pro at this! While I take your gorgeous photos, Matlock is putting his skills to use and lightly throws the end of your veil in the air to make it look like your veil is flowing in the wind – super dreamy!
long wedding veil at Haus820 Lakeland, Florida

2. We’ll get under your veil for that magazine-worthy shot!

This is one of my favorite shots to get with long veils! There’s something about it that looks so dreamy and like it should be on a magazine cover! For this shot, I’ll get under the veil with both of you – but, don’t worry, we can totally get this shot even while social distancing 🙂

3. Longer veils are more modern

This may be just my opinion, but I do feel like shorter veils look a little dated. A long veil is sleek and really pulls the entire look together. Another pro tip: If you plan on having an updo and are looking for an ultra modern look, I recommend placing your veil under your veil instead of over. It lets you show off your gorgeous hair while still having that classic look with your veil!

4. Adds that perfect touch of class!

I think the main reason so many people love veils is because 1. it’s very bridal (obviously.) I mean, when will you ever wear a veil again? 2. It adds an extra touch of class to your overall look. Even if you’re going for a more boho vibe, a long veil adds just the perfect amount of class without overdoing it. And for my classic and modern brides? This will bring everything all together perfectly!
long veil at Haus820 in Lakeland, Florida

So, now that you’re convinced that you need a long veil, you’re probably wondering, “Okay cool, but Kelly, which length should I get??”

I suggest at least a chapel length! But most of the time, I say the longer the better 😉

Until next time, friends!

Matlock and Kelly

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