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August 5, 2020


Kelly McKinnis


Tips for Brides

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Engagement Session Outfit Tips for Guys

Normally our blog posts are all about tips for our brides… but we can’t forget about our wonderful grooms!

And today we wanted to share some engagement session outfit tips and ideas for the guys.

Trust us, we know that getting your photos is low on the things you look forward to – although, one for one, each of our grooms has been surprised by how fun and relaxed their engagement session is!

But, we know that it’s rare that guys actually look forward to their engagement session – mostly because they think it’ll be long, uncomfortable, and filled with awkward posing. But the reality is that if you have a great photographer, the complete opposite happens.

We want you to be just as excited for your engagement session as your fiance! So, we came up with a few outfit ideas and tips so you can dress like yourself and look amazing!

1. You can’t go wrong with a blazer or suit

Just how a dress is the most flattering silhouette for the female body, a blazer or suit jacket has the same effect for men. You honestly can’t go wrong with a dress shirt, slacks and a blazer!

If this sounds a little too dressed up for you, we always recommend bringing two outfits; one casual and one on the fancier side. This way you’ll get those GQ type of photos as well as the more casual J.Crew type of images.

Engagement outfit ideas for men

2. Stick to neutral colors

Color-wise, we recommend wearing neutral colors that compliment your fiance’s look. We also recommend choosing a different “weight” for the pants and coat. For example, dark grey pants (darker) with a soft, light blue shirt (lighter).

For patterns, we usually recommend to wear solid colors, but if you really want to wear a pattern, try to stay away from small patterns as they tend to create an odd effect in the camera.

3. Go for fit, not price

If you decide to wear a suit for your photos, the most important part is the fit – not the price. It’s critical to have a suit jacket that fits well (not too tight) and pants that are the correct length. Bunched up fabric stacked on top of your shoes will make you physically appear shorter than you really are, and we obviously don’t want that!

Pro tip: Be sure to try on your suit beforehand with the shoes you plan to wear. This way you have time to make alterations if needed.

Engagement outfit tips for men

4. Layer your look!

When you walk past stores like Banana Republic and J. Crew, you’ll probably notice the male mannequins wearing several layers at once.

Layers look great on men, and even more so on camera. Even when it’s hot outside it is totally worth an hour of discomfort for photos that will last you two a lifetime. Extra layers brings additional dimension and interest to your photos.

5. Add some details

Don’t be afraid to add a few details to your look.

Ties, bowties, pocket squares, colored socks, belts, tie clips, suspenders, vests and watches are fantastic compliments to any suit.

Another option is to wear one suit and just change your dress shirt and/or pocket square/tie, etc. This way it’s easy to change your look without having to actually change everything.

We hope these quick fashion tips can help you feel excited for your engagement session and prepare you to look incredible! Trust us, your photos will turn out incredible and your fiance will love the effort you put into it!

Until next time!

Matlock and Kelly

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