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February 11, 2019


Kelly McKinnis


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6 Tips Every Bride Needs to Relax Before the Wedding

You are just days before your wedding day (eek!!) and you’re feeling anxious, excited and maybe even a little nervous all at the same time! Before we say anything else, please know that this is totally normal. Every bride has some sort of nervousness/excitedness/jitters/anxiousness before the big day! And with those feelings comes lack of relaxation and sleep, but it’s SO important to make sure you’re able to sleep the night before… you don’t want to be tired on your special day! So, with that said, we have some great tips to help you relax and have a good night’s sleep the day before you say “I do!”


1. Get a massage a few days before the wedding

Getting a massage a few days before your wedding is such a great way to get your body to feel relaxed. Knots and tensed muscles can make you feel uncomfortable, make it harder to relax and sleep. You’d be amazed by how loosening up any tight muscles can make a world of difference for your mind, body and soul! We suggest getting a massage a few days before your big day because, depending on the type of massage (we love our deep-tissue massages!) your muscles might feel a bit sore the day after.

Clearwater Wedding Photographer - The Fort Harrison Hotel - Photo by Matlock and Kelly Photography

2. Drink Calm before bed

So, we don’t know about you guys, but it’s kind of an often occurrence that we can’t always fall asleep very easily. Ever since Kelly could remember, her mom would give her a drink called Calm that would make her body feel so relaxed and she’d fall asleep in no time!

Calm is an anti-stress supplement maid of magnesium. It’s a powder (get the flavored one, our favorite is the raspberry-lemon flavor!) and you just mix it in some hot water and drink it 30 minutes before you plan to go to sleep. Be prepared to fall asleep and to sleep well! We never recommend drinking alcohol, wine or taking over-the-counter drugs to fall asleep the day before your wedding. Waking up with a headache or feeling groggy/out of it is definitely the last thing you want to feel on your big day! You can find Calm on Amazon by clicking here and it should be available at health-food stores.

3. Indulge a little bit

Treat yourself to some ice cream, chocolate, a mani/pedi, facial (although, if you get a facial, get it a week before your wedding day! Breakouts can happen after facials, so this gives it time to heal), etc. I think everyone can agree that at least one of these things can help you feel a little bit more relaxed! Take Juliet’s getting ready for example; her and her bridal party had ice cream while they were getting ready to stay as relaxed as possible!

3. Exercise during the week of your wedding

Whether it’s yoga, cardio, weight lifting, pilates or swimming, do something to get your body moving and feeling tired. One-for-one, this is what helps our brides the most to feel relaxed and sleep well. As Elle Woods would say…

Elle Woods - Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphin make you happy.

Even if it’s just 20 minutes a day, it’ll do the trick. PLUS, you’ll feel even more amazing in your gorgeous wedding dress!

4. Leave work at work

We hope you use this moment in your life as a great excuse to take at least a few days before your wedding off of work! Take this time to really leave work at work. Turn on your vacation auto-responder on your email saying you’ll be out of the office because you’re getting married!! and forget it exists hehe. Let any work calls go to voicemail and get prepared to be pampered by your wedding planner, hair and makeup artist, and photographers! This is your time to fully let the world go and focus on you and your future hubby as you turn your love story into your family legacy!

5. Talk to your future hubby

We know that tradition says you can’t see your future husband until you do your first look or walk down the aisle, but it doesn’t say anything about talking to him… right? Keeping in touch with your fiancé, whether it’s texting or a quick phone call, is a great way to mention how excited and anxious you are because trust us, he’s just as excited and anxious as you! Just imagine hearing his voice one last time before you become man and wife, telling each other how happy and excited you two are to be getting married, and that you’ll see each other soon. 🥰 AHH it makes our hearts melt!!

6. Don’t be afraid to delegate

Last, but not least, don’t be afraid to delegate certain tasks, such as checking up on the delivery of the flowers, to a bridesmaid or your maid of honor. They’re there to support you, be by your side, and help you with anything! So, let them help you so you can be as relaxed as possible leading up to your big day.

Clearwater Wedding Photographer - The Fort Harrison Hotel - Photo by Matlock and Kelly Photography

We really hope these tips have helped you come up with new ways to relax and reduce stress for your big day!

We always put our couples first! If you every need anything at all, just let us know 😊

Much Love,

Matlock and Kelly



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