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April 12, 2019


Kelly McKinnis


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Why We Edit Light and Airy vs Dark and Moody

As you look around for a photographer for your wedding, or just at photographers work in general, you’ll notice tons of different styles, but for the most part a photographer’s style is either on the light and airy side or dark and moody side. Obviously, we edit more light and airy, and while there’s nothing wrong with dark and moody (we actually really enjoy the style!) this is why we decided to edit the way we do.

Why we edit light and airy vs dark and moody - ring on invitation and designer perfume

Believe it or not, when Matlock and I first started our business together, we were editing more on the moody side! But that only lasted a couple of sessions, and you won’t find those sessions on our website. Why? Well, for one thing, the way we naturally shot images out of camera just didn’t work with the dark and moody style. But the reasons we decided to continue editing light and airy is much deeper than our own shooting preference.

1. Timeless images that will last a lifetime

When we thought of the type of images we wanted to produce for our couples, we knew we wanted their photos to be timeless and classic. And we wanted to stay away from trends that may not be around in the years to come. We wanted their future generations to love and cherish these memories as if they were happening all over again. And when we thought of “timeless” and “classic” what popped in our minds was clean and fresh, and lighter images just evoked that to us. Plus, when we thought about what we wanted to accomplish, which is to impact marriages and create images that will remind our couples of the love they have for each other, we couldn’t help but think that lighter images reflected that.

2. We wanted to keep colors true to life

Another factor that came into play was that we wanted our couples to remember and relive their wedding day every time they looked at their images. But not only that, our couples spend days, weeks and even months planning out the little details of their wedding day. We knew it was important to document them without losing what they actually looked like in real life. Which meant we needed the colors to stay as true to how they were originally as possible. We wanted their flowers to look just how they did on their big day (vibrant and colorful), and the greenery to look just as great as it did in person, and the makeup to look just as beautiful as when it was applied.

Why we edit light and airy vs dark and moody. Bride and groom with tablescape and flowers

3. Skintones needed to look creamy and glowy

When editing lighter, we noticed skin tones looked way better (to us anyway!) Blemishes didn’t look as noticeable, skin tones were the right color, and the skin had this creamy glow happening – and we weren’t complaining! (Either were our couples!)

At the end of the day, it’s important to choose a photographer whose style you love. Because you’re choosing that person to be apart of one of the most intimate days of your life, and making sure you love the photographer for their personality and their editing style is super important!

Matlock and Kelly


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