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December 16, 2019


Kelly McKinnis



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Top Florida Wedding Venues of 2019

So, last week we revealed the top engagement session locations of 2019, so what would be better than sharing our top wedding venues of 2019??

We couldn’t think of any, so we picked the best and listed them here! We’ve had so much fun at each of these venues and we really like how each one offers a different style for each couple. We hope this list gives you some ideas on venues to check out, because even though they’re our top wedding venues of 2019, we’re positive they’ll continue being incredible throughout 2020 as well!

So, here they are!

1. Haus 820 | Lakeland, Florida

Haus 820 is one of our favorite locations because of its blank slate that you can turn into practically anything you could imagine for your big day! Haus 820 is a renovated historic warehouse and is large enough for 150+ guests! We love all the natural light that comes in from their floor to ceiling windows that make up two sides of the venue – perfect for beautiful ceremony photos! They even have a bridal suite in the building next door so you and your girls can get ready close by.

Haus 820 Wedding Venue

2. The Orlo | Tampa, Florida

The Orlo is on the top of our list – and for a good reason! Matlock and I are suckers for mansions and historic buildings, which means the Orlo totally caught our eye. Their iconic staircase leads you to the beautiful, light and airy bridal suite; while the living room serves as cocktail hour for your guests as your ceremony gets switched to a reception. If you’re looking for a classic and timeless venue, the Orlo should be on your list to check out!

The Orlo Wedding Venue

3. Harborside Chapel | Safety Harbor, Florida

The thing we love the most about Harborside Chapel is how modern, yet true to tradition, their chapel is. We photographers love how Harborside kept lighting in mind so that your photos turn out beautiful no matter what. They also offer a bridal suite and groom’s suite (which are just as stunning) right inside the chapel – making it super easy to get ready before your ceremony. Many couples who choose Harborside Chapel as their ceremony venue choose to head over to Tampa for their reception at venues like Armature Works and Ulele.

Harborside Chapel Ceremony Venue

4. The Florida Aquarium | Tampa, Florida

The Florida Aquarium is probably one of the most unique venues we’ve ever been to! With a HUGE fish tank as your ceremony backdrop, and bubbles coming up as you say “I Do,” how else could you top that? Well… maybe by having penguins, snakes and other friendly animals at your cocktail hour to entertain your guests 😜 The aquarium is bound to make a lasting impression on your guests and is perfect if you love animals!

The Florida Aquarium Wedding Venue

5. Cypress Grove Estate House | Orlando, Florida

Last, but certainly not least, is Cypress Grove in Orlando. Another stunning mansion caught our attention with its beautiful enveloping trees as you drive down the road to the estate, gorgeous lakeside view, and timeless interior. I think our favorite part about Cypress Grove is the variety of locations to do your portraits! We were blown away by how beautiful the surroundings were – and honestly, we could’ve shot husband and wife portraits there all day long if we could!

Cypress Grove Wedding Venue

And that’s a wrap! We truly have had incredible experiences photographing at each of these venues. We can’t wait to photograph our upcoming weddings in 2020 and add some new venues to the list at the end of next year!

Matlock and Kelly


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