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December 9, 2019


Kelly McKinnis



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Best Engagement Session Locations in Tampa, Florida of 2019

Man, can you guys believe 2019 is practically over??

January feels like it was yesterday and I can remember our first 2019 consultation in January so vividly!

But this post isn’t about consultations, it’s about engagement session locations – and better yet, the BEST engagement session locations of 2019!!

Florida is filled to the brim with stunning locations and there really isn’t a shortage of locations to choose from, which can be difficult if you’re trying to decide on the perfect spot to document your engagement! But no worries, today we’re highlighting the top 6 engagement session locations around Tampa, Florida for 2019! 😍

1. Philippe Park in Safety Harbor, Florida

This location was our most requested location for engagements, couples and family sessions this year! And I don’t blame any of them. Philippe Park is beautiful and pretty dynamic too with its lush greenery, beautiful stone staircases and a beach! I’m going to predict that Philippe Park will remain a favorite amongst our couples in 2020! Take a peak at Sarah and Jordan’s engagement session to get a better idea of what Philippe Park has to offer!

Philippe Park Engagement Session

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2. Downtown St. Petersburg, Florida

Another cult favorite is the hustle and bustle (and beauty) of Downtown St. Pete! I personally love city life as a backdrop for engagements – but I think that’s because I miss living in a big city! Some of our favorite spots are around the Vinoy because you can find quiet spots that aren’t filled with people to get those dreamy portraits our couples crave! Caitlyn and Steven’s engagement really captured some beautiful spots in this area (plus, it’s a must see if you love dogs!)

Downtown St. Petersburg Florida Engagement Session

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3. Fort De Soto Beach | St. Petersburg, Florida

If you were looking for a very unique beach that is unlike the rest and found Fort De Soto, you’d be super happy! I remember Melissa wanted an engagement location that had rocks, palm trees and a pier, and I had the PERFECT place in mind – Fort De Soto truly has it all. Plus, it has some really cool history behind it if you are a history buff like Matlock! To see all the unique backdrops at Fort De Soto, you need to check out Melissa Fouad’s session!

Fort De Soto Engagement Session

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4. University of South Florida

We couldn’t complete this list without adding the University of South Florida to it! We honestly never even thought of doing an engagement session here until Shelby and Hunter requested it (they met in college!) and boy are we glad they did! USF has some absolutely stunning spots – I mean, you can’t even tell we’re on a college campus in these images! We were lucky that Shelby and Hunter gave us the grand tour of the campus during their engagement session, which is a total must-see!

University of South Florida Engagement Session

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5. Le Meridien | Tampa, Florida

Historic buildings and beautiful architecture, what else could you need?? The Le Meridien is the perfect backdrop for the couple who wants a classic and timeless feel to their engagement photos, plus the river walk is only a short walk away which gives you even more variety in your final gallery! Aryana and Ethan’s session captured it all so well!

Le Meridien Engagement Session

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6. Hyde Park Village | Tampa, Florida

Considering that I decided to have our own engagement photos taken in Hyde Park should give it away that I absolutely love this neighborhood! But that aside, Hyde Park truly has multiple beautiful locations to serve as backdrops for your images. One of my favorite spots being on the brick road near some of the stores – something about it reminds me of Paris or Europe a little bit! Vanessa and Cameron’s session brought me back to my own engagement session and I’ll gladly keep going back!

Hyde Park Village Tampa Engagement Session

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And that’s a wrap on our top engagement session locations for 2019! We really do love exploring all these beautiful locations with our couples, but even more than that, we really do feel honored to have the opportunity to document this season of their life. We can’t wait to see where our couples take us in 2020!

Matlock and Kelly


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