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April 13, 2020


Kelly McKinnis


Tips for Brides

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10 Tips for Incredible Engagement Outfits

You walk into your closet and you look at all your clothes and you think… “wow. I have nothing to wear!”

I can’t be the only one who does this 😅

So, I can imagine how it must feel when you’re trying to choose outfits for yourself and your fiancé for your engagement photos.

You want them to be perfect! So, your outfits need to be on point too.

Well, this post is dedicated to all of our current and future MK Brides! I’ll be sharing great tips and inspiration for you while you prep for your engagement session!

1. Choose two outfits

Most of our couples decide to bring two outfits to their engagement session. One being on the dressier side and the other being a little more casual. This is such a great idea if you can’t decide between two outfits, PLUS you’ll get more variety in your final gallery!

10 tips for engagement outfits

2. Coordinate, don’t match

Wearing the exact same colors for both of your outfits (i.e. both of you wearing blue shirts and white bottoms, or you wearing a blue dress and him wearing the same color blue top) actually takes away from your photos because it comes off more uniform (and a little tacky). So, instead, we always recommend to coordinate your outfits! Even wearing the same color, but in a different shade, would look a lot better than wearing the exact same color.

3. Go big with patterns!

If you decide to wear something with a pattern, go with a bigger pattern. Smaller patterns tend to photograph funny and can create odd effects in the final images. It’s always better to wear a solid shirt or larger pattern over a small pattern.

10 tips for engagement outfits

4. Go with one pattern

If one of you decides to wear something with a pattern, the other person should wear a solid color. This way patterns won’t clash and your outfits will look a lot more coordinated! Also, if one person is wearing a very bright and bold color, they other should be wearing something more neutral to balance it all out.

5. Match each other’s level of formality

It’s important that you both are equally as formal or informal. So, if the bride decides to wear a cocktail dress, the groom shouldn’t arrive in tennis shoes and shorts 😉 For guys who prefer to be a little more casual, we recommend wearing darker jeans with a nice shirt and blazer. You’ll still look dressed up, but you’ll feel more comfortable.

6. Accessorize!

Feel free to wear jewelry, bring a bouquet (my favorite accessory!), wear a pretty belt, etc. And for our puppy lovers, your dog can be another great accessory 😉

10 tips for engagement outfits

7. Wear clothes that are comfortable

This is my best tip. No matter what you choose to wear, make sure you feel comfortable and that it flatters you. All women have a part of their body they feel self-conscious about – it’s normal! So, make sure to choose outfits that don’t accidentally accentuate them. For example, my arms are the part of my body I’m always looking at in pictures. And I’ve noticed that certain straps just make them look bigger than they actually are, so when Matlock and I get our photos taken, I always make sure to avoid those types of shirts or dresses with straps that tend to make them appear bigger.

Trust me, if you feel good, you’ll look amazing! But, on the flip side, if you feel uncomfortable or always have attention on a part of your body, that’ll show in the images as well.

8. Go for a flowy dress!

If you want really romantic and dreamy photos, I can’t recommend a long, flowy dress enough! Flowy dresses allow movement to occur in the photographs and really gives your images that WOW factor!

10 tips for engagement outfits

9. Wear heels

Another favorite tip of mine is to wear heels for at least one of your outfits! Heels elongate the legs and make the calves look amazing. I always recommend bringing a pear of flats to wear while we walk around in case your heels become too uncomfortable.

Bonus tip: With any shoes, I highly recommend wearing closed-toe shoes! Closed-toe shoes creates a really nice visual line and created an “end point,” and is more pleasing to the eye in photographs.

10. Don’t over think it!

I know it can be really easy to overthink what you wear to your engagement session. I get it because I was there not too long ago! Fun fact: I ended up finding the top I wore for one of my outfits 3 hours before our engagement session at the mall because I just couldn’t find one I loved! It was stressful, but it could’ve been stress-free had I not over thought all of it. Sometimes the best photos are with simple outfits 🙂

I hope these tips help you guys! Until next time!

Matlock and Kelly

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10 tips for incredible engagement outfits!


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