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November 25, 2019


Kelly McKinnis


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The Story of Us: The One Where He Proposed

This series is all about how Matlock and I met and the story of our relationship! If you haven’t read parts 1-4, go read those first! This is the final part of this series… the one where he proposes!! Eek!!

Part 1: The One Where He Never Texted
Part 2: The One Where She Didn’t Kiss Him
Part 3: The One With 3 Months of Texts
Part 4: The One Where She Stayed

He had a secret.

And it was the best kind of secret. The one a girl dreams about practically her entire life.

He unlocked the door to their apartment and started getting ready for the night he had planned for months, hoping she wouldn’t catch on.

In the other room, she was styling her just-dyed blonde hair into her signature curls she’s known for. She had just gotten off the phone with her dad who, interestingly enough asked, “Do you think he’ll ask you to marry him?”

“Umm, no, I doubt it. I’m thinking it’ll be another year or so,” she said. You see, it was their two-year anniversary and Kelly honestly believed marriage wasn’t on Matlock’s mind. She figured they’d date for another year or two and then maybe he’d pop the question.

But, it was on his mind. In fact, he had gone with one of Kelly’s friends to create a custom engagement ring a month prior. And he had planned the entire proposal months in advance.

They finished packing their bags and drove to a local hotel for their anniversary stay-cation. After settling in, they were on their way to Bern’s, a high-end steak house in Tampa, Florida. Neither of them had ever been and they were SUPER excited… well, Kelly was more excited about the dessert room than anything else, but can you blame her?

Matlock and Kelly Engagement

As they sat down for dinner and fell in love with the atmosphere and experience at Bern’s, Kelly started wondering if he was going to propose. She hated the idea of being proposed at a restaurant where everyone looks at you and claps… *shudders*

(Don’t get me wrong, a restaurant proposal is very romantic! But it just wasn’t how I pictured my perfect proposal. I wanted it to just be the two of us, without people I didn’t know involved – but honestly, if he did propose at a restaurant, I would’ve been just as happy and probably wouldn’t have even noticed the random people)

So, she was glad they were able to make it through dinner without a proposal. They then got a tour of the kitchen and wine – fun fact: Bern’s has THOUSANDS of wine to the point where they needed an extra building to store it all! And finally they made it to the dessert room. The hostess brought them to their private booth and they listened to the live pianist through the radio as they ordered the Macadamia Nut ice cream.

“Well… if he wanted to propose here… I wouldn’t mind!” She thought. I mean, how cute would it be to be proposed to in a dessert room??

But it never happened. Slightly disappointed, they left the restaurant and talked about how much they loved Bern’s all the way home.

They got back to the hotel and walked up the stairs to their cabana. Matlock let Kelly unlock the door and as she opened it and turned on the lights, she found rose petals leading to chocolate dipped strawberries on a tray that said, “I love you,” written in chocolate. She turned around and said, “aww this is cute!” Trying to not get her hopes up – “I mean, could he really be proposing right now?? No, Kelly, don’t be silly,” she thought.

Matlock and Kelly Engagement

Matlock said some words (honestly, I was so surprised by everything I don’t even remember what he said… and he doesn’t either 😂) And got down on one knee, pulled out a little red box and said those four little words.

“Will you marry me?” Without another thought she said yes… and then cried 😂

The next day, Kelly woke up and could have sworn it was all a dream. She looked at her left hand and to her amazement the ring was still there! “I’M GETTING MARRIED!!!” She squealed quietly to herself as Matlock was still sleeping next to her.

She went to the bathroom and snapped a few photos of the ring to send to her closest friends and family. And of course, Kelly got a fresh manicure and they spent practically all day taking photos of it 😋

And now? We’re getting married in April 2020 at the Sydonie Mansion. We are SO incredibly excited and can’t wait to celebrate with friends and family! 😍


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